Who We Are

Save the Nature Cultural Circle Nepal (SNCCN) is a not for profit, Non-Government Organisation with an aim of furthering the notion of sustainable development and environment integrity. We focus on areas of humanitarian support, empowerment of marginalized people, education, food security & sustainable livelihood.  SNCCN expanded and further activated its activities following the devastating earthquake of 25th April 2015. After the earthquake, the SNCNN also focused on humanitarian support and emergency response. Currently, SNCCN is extending its services to Nuwakot, Sindhupalchok, Rasuwa and Kavre districts on relief, recovery and reconstruction activities.

SNCCN prioritises research and policy dialogue as a way of working and engaging with diverse stakeholders such as government institutions, NGOs, academia and private sector, and partner with other like-minded organisations to further its vision and areas of work.

Established in 2008, SNCCN is registered with the Government of Nepal under Associations Regulation Act, 1977. It also has affiliations with District Administration Office, Kathmandu and Social Welfare Council Nepal.


A self-empowered, self-sustained and environmentally & culturally aware society, where there is no room for prejudice of any kind.


To improve the livelihood of people living in rural areas by providing support through education and healthcare and to create opportunities in these communities for self-development and self-sustenance.


To improve the access to education for children and adults in deprived rural communities

To help with refurbishment of community properties and to provide education on its upkeep

To facilitate communities in developing a safer and sustainable water and sanitary infrastructures, and to provide training on health and sanitation

To assist affected communities in recovery after the catastrophic earthquakes of April and May 2015.