Approach & Strategy

We work to promote environment integrity and social development in Nepal communities. We engage with multiple stakeholders in order to meet our targets. We embrace the following working approaches:

Research & Study: We conduct research & study to increase our knowledge base and share our learning through publications, interactions, newsletters and other media. Wider dissemination and sharing of information is among our main focus

Capacity Building: Building skilled and knowledgeable human resources is imperative to achieving a sustainable development. We conduct trainings, visits and share information backed by our findings

Partnership & Networking: We partner and network with various like-minded organisations in order to achieve our goals. We coordinate with various NGOs, government agencies and private sector to synergise efforts and to achieve better outcomes

Accountability & Transparency: All programme activities and the budget allocated for that specific program is transparent and this information regarding the expenditure will be accessible when requested

Needs Driven Approach: Programme activities will be selected on the basis of demands made by the beneficiaries