SNCCN’s response to Earthquake

SNCC Nepal, started out on relief activities right after the second day of the earthquake by visiting various affected areas of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. Activities like distribution of drinking water bottles were immediately undertaken in the areas of Bhaktapur and Bungamati (Lalitpur). Post-earthquake activities were carried out in different phases beginning with immediate relief works. SNCC reached out to hands of various people in different villages like Challing, Nala, Sangla, along with most affected districts like Gorkha and Dhading with the relief materials. Mostly food packages, tarpaulins, clothes, medicines and blankets were distributed by SNCC Nepal team. Along with the relief works, training and facilitation programs were organized for the local community and school/colleges for coping with psychological and emotional trauma caused by  the Earthquake. SNCC Nepal is currently working on reconstruction and rehabilitation of the earthquake victims in coming days. Exploring all the potential support to the victims, SNCC Nepal, supported NGOs, individuals and schools. Described below are all the activities of SNCC Nepal post-earthquake in detail.