Experiencing Earthquake

To overcome the trauma that the people have been experiencing caused by the massive temblor that struck on 25th of April is undoubtedly an uphill task. The news of devastation that are being constantly covered by the mainstream and alternative media has further added to the trauma. Along with the residents’ trauma, the earthquake has an enormous potential to ruin the nation’s economy given the loses that could be as much as USD 10 billion according to the initial estimate from the US Geological Survey. The cost of rebuilding is estimated to be USD 5 billion. This has added to woes of the country’s economy that was already expected to slump with an unemployment rate of more than 40 percent. Now the question is ‘what will it take to rebuild nation’s shattered economy?’ The international support has been rolling in with their pledges to support in rebuilding process. Numerous local I/NGOs and individuals have been heavily engaged in reconstruction campaign. It is critically important to ensure beneficiaries’ engagement in all the support provided. This will help to create a sustainable Nepal. The enormity of the task does require every last dollar but it is essential to take into account the beneficiaries’ engagement as well. This is exactly matches with SNCC philosophies namely participation for social development and life – long learning. For the earthquake rehabilitation and recovery, SNCC ensures effective community participation.